A Rare Case of Uterine Body Intussusception in A Bitch


  •   Anton Antonov


The aim of this report was to describe a clinical case of uterine body intussusception in a German Shepherd bitch, which was presented 27 days after whelping of 13 live puppies with a history of 2 days low appetite, periodic tremors, and vulvar discharge. Vaginal smear revealed presence of trophoblast cells and transabdominal ultrasonographic examination showed a multilayered hypoechoic structure in front of the urinary bladder. Laparotomy was performed and invagination of uterine body into its distal segment and cervix was observed. Full manual repositioning of the intussusception was not possible, and ovariohysterectomy was performed.

Keywords: Bitch, intussusception, uterine body


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