Efficacy of Early Nutrition Programming for Improving The Performance of Kampung Chicken


  •   Djoni P. Rahardja

  •   Muhammad Yusuf

  •   Kusumandari I. Prahesti

  •   Veronica Sri Lestari


A Research of Early Life Nutritional Programming (ELPN) was a two consecutive experiment to elucidate the efficacy of in ovo supplementation (IOS) and neonatal nutrition (NN) on the hatching and post-hatching performances of Kampung chicken (KC). There were 960 hatching eggs were used and randomly divided into 4 experimental groups with 4 hatching periods as replication, using 60 hatching eggs per treatment unit: P0 (negative control), P1 (isotonic saline), P2 (5%Glucose), and P3 (0.5% Glutamine + 5% Glucose). On d7 incubation, a 0.5 ml nutrient solution was injected into the albumen of P1, P2, and P3. A 20 newly hatched chicken (NHC) were selected from each group and treated as NN0 (without) and NN1 (with) neonatal nutrition (NN) composed of 0.1 commercial probiotics, 5% inulin and 10% lysine dissolved in 1L of tap water and provided as drinking water for 4 of 8 week-experiment. The results showed IOS significantly lowered the hatchability compared to the control eggs, but the weight of NHC was not affected (P<0.05). IOS and NN were significantly increased final LBW, from the lightest, 779.42±34.39 g (negative control) compared to the heaviest, 1147.54±81.48 g (IO Gln+Gluk, and NN), which also indicated by a significant better FCR. Structurally, intestinal gross and histomorphometry examinations indicated an increased capacity of digestion and absorption, which indicated an increase the ratio of length/weight of each small intestine segment, and a wider absorption surface area of villus. In conclusion, ELNP resulted in markedly heavier final life bodyweight which is facilitated by digestive structure and function development.

Keywords: Early life nutrition programming, Native Chicken, in ovo feeding, neonatal nutrition


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